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South Korea Scrambles Fighter Jets After Detecting 180 North Korean Warplanes

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Fighter Jet

Fighter Jet

The mobilisation of 180 #North Korean warplanes was detected by the #South Korean military on Friday, prompting it to launch large-scale joint air manoeuvres with the #US that have enraged #Pyongyang. This week, North Korea has launched an unprecedented number of missiles, including a failed test of an intercontinental ballistic missile on Thursday.

In reaction to the #North’s barrage of projectiles, Seoul and #Washington extended their largest-ever joint air drills until Saturday. The Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul reported that our military spotted some 180 North Korean warplanes” active in Pyongyang’s airspace, and that Seoul scrambled 80 fighter jets including F-35As while jets engaged in the joint exercises were also maintaining readiness.

Pyongyang launched three more short-range ballistic missiles on Thursday, claiming that South Korea’s decision to continue the joint exercises was a very risky and poor decision. A few hours later, according to Seoul’s military, the North fired 80 artillery rounds that landed in a maritime buffer zone.

According to authorities and experts, Pyongyang is stepping up its tests in retaliation for the US-South Korean drills. The recent launches by Pyongyang could be a sign of its seventh nuclear test, as Washington and Seoul have frequently warned. The combined air exercises, known as Vigilant Storm, have been criticised by Pyongyang as an aggressive and provocative military exercise that is aimed at North Korea, and it has threatened that if they continue, Washington and Seoul will suffer the worst punishment in history.

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