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South Korea Detects 180 North Korean Planes, Scrambles 80 Jets

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South Korea

South Korea

Over the course of four hours on Friday, South Korea’s jets were scrambled after spotting roughly 180 North Korean warplanes crossing the military boundary to the north. According to a statement from the South Korean military, the North Korean aircraft crossed the so-called tactical measure line, which was drawn up to 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the Military Demarcation Line (MDL).

South Korea sent over 80 aircraft, including F-35A stealth fighters. The Vigilant Storm air exercises with the United States resumed with about 240 aircraft involved, according to the military. When 10 airplanes passed over the area last month, North Korea used a similar tactic, causing South Korea to scramble its jets. Over the course of the previous night, North Korea blasted over 80 artillery rounds into the ocean. Prior to that, it had fired a number of missiles into the water on Thursday, one of which may have been an I.C.B. (ICBM). The incident caused panic in Japan and resulted in evacuation alerts as the missile flew close to two different regions of the nation.

Notably, during the continuing air force exercises between the US and South Korea on Wednesday, North Korea also fired a record-breaking 23 missiles in a single day. The United States and South Korea continued their air drills after the shots were fired. In a joint statement issued on Thursday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his South Korean colleague Lee Jong-sup stated that any nuclear assault on the US or its allies would “result at the end of the Kim dictatorship.”

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