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Soldiers From Russia Protest Against Putin’s Campaign Against Paying Salaries since Deployment.

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Russian Army Protest

Russian Army Protest

A hundred recruited #Russian soldiers protested, alleging they hadn’t received any money since being sent to battle. According to the Russian news outlet 77 Horizontal Russia, the troops said that they were promised 195,000 rubles but never received the money while holding a protest in #Ulyanovsk. They said that they ceased battling because they did not receive the money.

A one-time payment of 195,000 roubles ($3,200) was ordered by Russian President #Vladimir Putin on Thursday for contract soldiers and those who have been called up to fight in Ukraine.

Moscow declared the partial mobilisation last week of 300,000 reservists was over, although problems had existed. In response to popular outrage over examples of men being called up despite medical exemptions or a lack of military experience, almost 2,000 people were detained at protests.

Putin stated that the purpose of the payment was to “give additional measures of social support” in a decree that was posted on the Kremlin website “enlistment and those who had been called up, both military. It didn’t provide any more information. Contract troops are eligible for a minimum monthly salary of 160,000 roubles ($2,700), which is nearly three times the national average.”

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