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Smartphone Cameras And Light, To Assess Blood Oxygen Levels

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With Smartphone Cameras And Light, Researchers Devised Technology To Assess Blood Oxygen Levels. Researchers have created technology to test blood oxygen levels using a smartphone’s camera and light. The technique can identify illnesses including asthma and COVID-19. In a clinical environment, pulse oximeters use clips placed on the fingertip of one of the ears to assess blood oxygen levels. Multiple measures taken throughout the day, however, are necessary to detect signs of some disorders. Machine learning algorithms read blood oxygen levels after placing a finger on both the camera and the light.

Co-author of the paper, Matthew Thompson says, “This way you could have multiple measurements with your own device at either no cost or low cost. In an ideal world, this information could be seamlessly transmitted to a doctor’s office. This would be really beneficial for telemedicine appointments or for triage nurses to be able to quickly determine whether patients need to go to the emergency department or if they can continue to rest at home and make an appointment with their primary care provider later.”

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