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National Single’s Day 2022

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National Singles Day

National Singles Day

Single folks can get together on #Singles’ Day and host parties. The holiday’s original name was #Bachelors’ Day because only young men at first commemorated it. However, it is now generally embraced by both sexes.

Singles Day is a Chinese unofficial holiday and shopping season that celebrates single individuals. It is also known as Double 11 or Bachelors’ Day in the past. An unmarried man who doesn’t contribute branches to the family tree in Chinese is referred to as a bare stick in Internet slang, which is why the date was picked as 11 November (11/11). The four 1 also makes a passing reference to the demographic group of single persons. The day is celebrated in China with great fervour. People in cities like Beijing and Shanghai gather with their friends and loved ones for a hearty meal.

The date was first observed by a small group of college bachelors as a sardonic retort to traditional festivities on couples. The first Bachelors Day, often referred to as Singles Day, occurred at Nanjing University in 1993. In the 1990s, Singles Day celebrations in Nanjing spread to a number of other campuses. Four 1s make up the number 11 November (11/11), which was chosen to represent four singles. Beginning in 2009, #Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang began using the day as a nonstop shopping festival. The day is now acknowledged as the busiest for both in-person and online purchases.

Why only November 11 is celebrated as Single’s Day?

The special date has been linked to the following symbolism:

1: The number 1 represents a singular individual.

11: Two people meet and spend time together on one side of a special date (11.11).

2 x (11): a celebration of two or more couples, each made up of two single people who met on the designated date (11.11).

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