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Singaporean Man Sues Woman For $2.26m For ‘Friendzoning’ Him

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A Singaporean man is suing a woman for 3 million Singapore dollars (US$2.26 million) in damages, claiming she only saw him as a friend. K Kawshigan said Nora Tan’s actions shocked her and damaged her “stellar reputation.” According to court documents, he seeks damages to cover loss of income and investments and “rehabilitation and therapy programs to overcome the sustained trauma.”

Also, he has been accused Tan of “allegedly defamatory remarks and negligent conduct,” Metro newspaper reported. The defamation case filed by Kawshigan, a drone company director, will be heard on February 9. “While the defendant only regarded the claimant as a ‘friend,’ he considered her to be his ‘closest friend,'” the court papers said. Tan met Kawshigan in 2016, and problems started brewing in 2020 when things went “wrong” with how they saw their relationship. 

The latest lawsuit was filed in July 2022, in which the man seeks damages” for allegedly defamatory remarks and negligent conduct.”

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