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Shootout Kills One During Belgian Anti-Terror Raids

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Terrorist attack

Terrorist attack

Prosecutors reported that one person was killed on Wednesday during a shootout with Belgian police that occurred during raids on a suspected extreme-right group.

The operation, which targeted a dozen addresses in Antwerp’s surrounding region, was started to thwart “the preparation of a terrorist attack.”

Prosecutors claimed that “many weapons and ammunition” were found during the raids in a statement. They claimed that some of the weapons were registered legally.

In a single raid, “Law enforcement and one of the many people inside a building engaged in a gunfight. They passed away.”

No additional information about the shootout or the targeted group was provided in the statement. Four Dutch suspects were detained over the weekend in connection with what the prosecution claimed was a plot to kidnap Vincent Van Quickenborne, the justice minister of Belgium.

The raids on Wednesday on homes in Antwerp and its suburbs, the nearby village of Kasterlee, and the city of Ghent were not known to be connected to that incident.

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