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Sharks on Street reporters flew away in Florida

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A shark seen swimming in Fort Myers’ flooded streets in a viral video taken during Hurricane Ian. 10.2 million people have watched the video, and there have been 18,200 likes and comments.

On Wednesday, Hurricane Ian, one of the worst hurricanes ever recorded in the US, pounded the Florida coast. Dramatic television images from Naples, a coastal city, depicted flooding rushing into beachside homes, engulfing roadways, and sweeping away vehicles. Now, a video of a shark swimming in floodwaters on a Fort Myers street has appeared online.

A 10-second video released on Twitter by Armando Salguero shows a fish swimming in the water. “Sharks swimming through the streets of Fort Myers,” he captioned the video.

In a statement, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said, “You may be more likely to see alligators, snakes, and bears, so remember to stay alert and give them space.”

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