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Shanghai Disneyland Closes Due To Curbs Constructed By COVID

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Shanghai’s Disneyland abruptly suspended operations on Monday, October 31, in order to comply with COVID-19 precautionary measures. Everyone who entered the park was told to stay until a COVID-19 test resulted in a negative result. The park was closed to visitors as of October 27, according to the Shanghai government’s official WeChat account, and everyone who had been after that date had to take three COVID-19 tests within three days.

It was declared in a statement that the main gate of the theme park and its surroundings, including its shop strip, would remain closed until further notice. After cases on the mainland surpassed 2,000 for the second day in a row on Sunday (30 October), officials in cities and provinces across China closed venues and imposed longer temporary lockdowns on millions of people in an effort to contain sporadic COVID-19 outbreaks as winter approaches.

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