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Shakira will Stand Trial For Tax Fraud Charges And 8-year Prison

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Shakira Tax Fraud

Shakira Tax Fraud

According to reports, Shakira will stand trial in Spain for alleged tax fraud. The popular music singer will be in Spain on six counts of tax fraud. The trial’s start date, which will take place in Esplugues de Llobregat, a town close to Barcelona, has not yet been determined. After Spanish prosecutors claimed that the singer had not paid up to 14.5 million euros in taxes between 2012 and 2014, Shakira was accused of tax cheating in 2018. Shakira’s official residence was designated as the Bahamas. Still, according to the prosecution, she spent more than half of that time in Spain, where her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué plays professional soccer. As a result, the prosecution claims that she should have been paying taxes there.

The singer has argue the allegations, and according to a statement from her, she “has always complied and abided by the law, exhibiting excellent conduct as an individual and a taxpayer.” The singer’s October magazine cover story referred to these as “false accusations.” Now Shakira will Stand Trial For Tax Fraud Charges And Requests 8-year Prison.

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