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Security Source: Hamas arrests people over rockets fired from Gaza

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Two persons were detained by Gaza’s Hamas authorities for shooting rockets at Israel last week, a security source in the Palestinian territory told AFP. The first such military action since three days of cross-border warfare in August, according to the Israeli army, took place on Thursday with rockets fired from Gaza.

Two individuals “directly involved in the shooting of four rockets” were detained as a result of the incident, according to a security source who asked to remain anonymous. According to the source, “the Palestinian factions have nothing to do with these rockets, which are meant to give the occupation (Israel) a pretext for continuing the attack.”

None of the armed groups fighting in Gaza, which has been governed by the terrorist organization Hamas since 2007, claimed responsibility for the rocket launch. It happened shortly after Israeli hawk Benjamin Netanyahu was proclaimed the winner of the elections on November 1 and after Israeli soldiers murdered an Islamic Jihad fighter in the occupied West Bank. August’s violence started when Israel opened fire on Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza.

The security source added that the rockets fired were not carrying explosives but did not specify the affiliation of those detained. He told AFP that the various Palestinian factions had agreed to coordinate “any response to Israeli aggression.” Israel struck Gaza in retaliation on Friday, allegedly hitting a Hamas missile manufacturing facility, according to the army. Since Hamas came to power, a punishing Israeli-led siege has been placed on Gaza’s 2.3 million citizens. Over the past 15 years, there have been four wars between the Israeli force and the militants in Gaza.

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