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Second Chopper Crash In A Month, 6 Pakistan Military Personnel Were Killed

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Six Pakistani personnel were killed in a helicopter accident in southwestern Pakistan on Monday, the military said, the second fatal chopper crash in less than a month.

The helicopter crashed near Khost, a small town in Balochistan province, which borders Afghanistan and Iran. “Late last night, a helicopter on a flight operation crashed. Six people died in the crash, including two army majors (both pilots), who embraced shahadat (martyrdom) “According to a military statement.

There were no further details provided about the reason for the incident or the type of aircraft involved. The region where the chopper crashed has not been flooded recently. Six Pakistani personnel, including one of the army’s senior commanders, were killed when their helicopter crashed during flood relief efforts in Balochistan in early August. More than 1,600 individuals have died, with 323 of them being from Balochistan.

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