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Scottish Mother, who Assumed her Son Was Dead, Finds Him Alive After 12 Years

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scottish mother

scottish mother

It’s a recurring theme in Christmas movies to be advised to have faith in the holiday spirit and that your wishes might come true. It might have been the case for this mother. On Christmas Eve, a Scottish mother who had assumed her son was dead after he went missing 12 years prior learned that he was still alive and well in France. The Daily Star claims that Nicholas Curtis, Joyce Curtis son from Glasgow, Lanarkshire, hitchhiked across Spain and France after losing his job in the middle of the 2000s.

In 2009, the two lost contact and she even reported them missing. She had believed he was dead because she had not heard anything else about his whereabouts. In 2010, she received a call from a French hospital, but he vanished again. Since going missing in 2010, he hadn’t spoken to his mother or any other family members and they once more believed he had passed away.

However, let’s imagine that on December 19, Joyce once more got a call from a French hospital informing her that her child had been found alive and well at a hospital in the south of France. This is what we’ll call a Christmas miracle.

“I thought with COVID and everything that has gone on, I thought he was dead. I grieved for him. When I got the call to say he was alive, I just went into shock. All I did was cry all day.” she said.

Additionally, she added that the news made Christmas worthwhile after losing her spouse in June. It was compared to Miracle on 34th Street by the speaker. Joyce recalled the incident from 2010 and related how they traveled to Paris to meet their son Nicholas after learning via letter that he was still alive. He had disappeared again by the time they arrived to take him back home.

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