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Scottish Child Payment Increased

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Scottish child payment

Scottish child payment

Extension the benefit to around 400,000 kids. Today, the #Scottish Child Payment was raised to £25 and expanded to cover eligible kids up to age 16. The Scottish Child Payment, which is exclusive to #Scotland, was first introduced in February 2021 at a rate of £10 per week per child for kids under the age of six. It offers qualified families and caregivers direct cash assistance.

The #stipend will automatically grow to £25 per week for the approximately 104,000 youngsters already receiving it, a 150% increase in just eight months. All those who are currently eligible up to age 16 pay this rate as well. With today’s extension, an additional 300,000 kids nationwide are anticipated to be qualified. On a visit to Golfhill Primary and Whitehill Secondary schools at their joint site in Dennistoun, Glasgow, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today encouraged all qualified families to apply.

Many families in Scotland have good reasons to celebrate today as we make a sizable increase in financial support available to fight child poverty. The Scottish Child Payment, which is exclusive to Scotland, is the UK’s most comprehensive programme to combat child poverty. This increased payment of £1300 per eligible child is even more crucial at this time, when the cost of living crisis is putting a great deal of strain on many families, and the age extension makes it available to many more kids.

We want to guarantee that everyone receives the available assistance. Parents or caregivers who receive universal credit or other benefits and have children under 16 should find out if they qualify by contacting Social Security Scotland.

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