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Scientists Successfully Extend The Shelf Life Of Pasta

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The shelf life of #pasta has been extended in a ground-breaking way thanks to a recent study. This has been accomplished by scientists using a unique substance and a novel package design.

You might be asking yourself why this is even news. There is an easy solution. Even while this study may appear to be of little significance, it has important ramifications for the grave problem of “food waste.”

Pasta’s shelf life has been effectively extended by 30 days according to a study. Its shelf life used to be between 30 and 90 days if stored properly, but now that “good” bacteria have been added, it has been increased to 120 days.

This discovery may have “possible effects on the economy and the environment, driving innovation in existing production paradigms,” according to a study paper published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology.

In contrast to conventional packing, which employs 20% carbon dioxide and 80% nitrogen, it uses a film that is less permeable to oxygen and has an atmosphere of 40% carbon dioxide and 60% nitrogen.

The pasta dough also had bioprotective cultures (BCs), a multi-strain probiotic mixture, added to it. Pasta wrapped normally, which during the course of a 90-day storage period showed growth of visible mold, survived the product when refrigerated at 4oC.

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