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Scientists Find Earth-Like Exoplanet In A Habitable Zone Around Its Star

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Aliens may invade or rest on Earth. We don’t know. But the hint of potential danger doesn’t stop us from pointing our eyes and lenses into vast space and wondering. We look inky void for signs of life and movements of planets that harbor life. Scientists discovered another Earth-like planet that has the potential to sustain life. Why? The earth is inhabitable around its star.

In our solar system, Earth is in a habitable zone. Around any star, the habitable zone refers to the distance from the star where liquid exists. In other words, the human habitable zone is neither too hot nor too cold. “When we analyzed the data of the star Wolf 1069, we discovered a clear, low-amplitude signal of what appears to be a planet of roughly Earth mass,” Kossakowski says.

“It orbits the star within 15.6 days at a distance equivalent to one-fifteenth of the separation between the Earth and the Sun.” The Earth is much closer to its star than the Sun. But the star it orbits is a red dwarf, a star typically more fantastic than the Sun.

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