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Scientists Discover Dinosaur Nests With 265 Fossilised Eggs In Madhya Pradesh

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In a discovery, a team of paleontologists has unearthed 256 fossilized titanosaur eggs and 92 nests of herbivorous titanosaurs in the Thar region of Madhya Pradesh’s Narmada Valley, the Economic Times reported. Titanosaurs are among the enormous known dinosaurs. A recent discovery suggests that the Narmada Valley is home to dinosaurs millions of years ago. Other paleontologists date Jabalpur to B.C. Dinosaur nests and eggs have been found in the district and Balasinore town of Gujarat, not for the first time. A team of paleontologists from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research at Mohanpur-Kolkata, Bhopal, and Delhi conducted fieldwork in various villages in the Bagh and Kukshi districts of Thar district.

Titanosaurs may have explicitly traveled to this part of the Narmada Valley to lay their eggs or the eggs may have also hatched there. Lead researcher Thiman said the eggs they found showed signs of hatching and non-hatching. He said no bones were found, and a micro CT scan was necessary for further investigation.

The nests found in the Narmada Valley were close together. These dinosaurs laid eggs 15 to 17 centimeters in diameter. According to Dhiman, each nest contains between one and twenty eggs.

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