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Sara Shane, who starred in “The King and Four Queens” and “Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure,” passed away at age 94

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Sara Shane

Sara Shane

Sara Shane, who acted alongside Clark Gable in The King and Four Queens and Gordon Scott in Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure, has passed away. She was 94.In July 31, Shane passed away on Australia’s Gold Coast, according to her family.

In the 1956 melodrama Three Bad Sisters, Shane co-starred with Kathleen Hughes and Marla English. In the 1957 film Affair in Havana, starring John Cassavetes and Raymond Burr, Shane played the female lead. In Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959), which was directed by John Guillermin, Shane filled in for Jane by playing Angie Loring, an American model and pilot who meets the King of the Jungle in Africa. Scott played Tarzan in the fourth Tarzan movie And in Raoul Walsh’s 1956 film The King and Four Queens, Shane as Oralie McDade, one of four young widows hiding stolen goods with their mother-in-law (Jo Van Fleet). The others are Eleanor Parker, Jean Willes, and Barbara Nichols. On May 18, 1928, Elaine Sterling was born in St. Louis.

Before moving to California, she worked as a model in her hometown and for the Powers agency in New York. MGM then hired her, and she went on to feature in the 1948 films Easter Parade, Julia Misbehaves, and Esther Williams’ Neptune’s Daughter (1949). Her agency ran advertising in The Hollywood Reporter and Variety when MGM dropped her to promote her career.

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