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San Francisco Reverses Move To Allow Police Use ‘Killer Robots’ After Backlash

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San Francisco

San Francisco

The controversial practice of enabling police to use robots for lethal force has been outlawed in San Francisco due to concerns about the militarization and automation of policing. The San Francisco police department (SFPD) has 17 robots available to murder individuals. The city’s board of supervisors has agreed to prohibit the use of lethal police robots, but they have also asked that a committee gather more information before determining whether to allow the use of killer robots in specific situations.

The board members changed their minds significantly one week after deciding to allow robots to be armed with explosives “when risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option available to SFPD.” It was also determined that the deployment of lethal robots could only be authorized by senior personnel. Following several concerns from civil society organizations and three board members who had previously opposed using killer robots, it was decided to reverse the earlier action.

They protested against the decision on Monday in front of City Hall, yelling things like, “We all saw that movie… No killer robots.” In opposition to the proposal, Dean Preston, a supervisor, stated on Tuesday that “killer robots” have no place in society. Instead of giving local law enforcement more means to kill people, we should be focusing on measures to reduce the use of force by that force.

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