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Samantha Womack: EastEnders Star Reveals Her Breast Cancer Was Found In ‘Random Check’

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Samantha Womack

Samantha Womack

#Samantha Womack, an E EastEnders star, updated her fans on her condition and disclosed that her breast cancer was discovered during a “random check”. The 50-year-old spoke on This Morning on Tuesday with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, where she said the illness has “attacked her femininity.”

When Olivia Newton-John, passed away from breast cancer in August at the age of 73, Womack paid tribute to her on social media, she also revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

The star explained her illness to Willoughby and Schofield, claiming that she did not see a lump when she was found to have cancer four months prior and that it was found during a random check.

She shared: “It was really incredible because I didn’t find a lump, I didn’t feel unwell”.

Womack said she was “extremely lucky” because the mass was less than 2 cm, allowing her to have a lumpectomy to have the tissue and five lymph nodes removed.

She continued by describing how the disease of breast cancer affects your femininity.

She explained: “I always had quite a precarious relationship with what you share on social media but also challenging yourself, thinking, Am I doing this because I want likes or am I doing this because there’s the actual genuine intention behind it?”

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