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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have pledged to match donations to Ukrainian refugees up to $1 million

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            The Russian invasion of Ukraine has alarmed the world. Explosions and bombing noises have been heard as the onslaught progresses.

Thousands of Ukrainians have been forced to evacuate their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring countries as a result of the catastrophe. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, both Hollywood celebrities, have spoken out against the present scenario. They turned to Twitter to promise a $1 million match for Ukrainian migrants.

Following the Russian invasion, which has left thousands of Ukrainians homeless, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have pledged to match a $1 million donation to help the refugees. “In 48 hours, numerous Ukrainians were forced to abandon their homes to neighbouring nations”, Ryan stated on Twitter. They require safeguards. We will match your donation up to $1,000,000, resulting in twice the support.

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