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Russia’s war tactics may change as a result of Ukraine’s anti-tank missiles.

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A barrage of anti-tank missiles launched to Ukraine has the ability to alter the war’s outcome. Only the United Kingdom claims to have delivered 3,615 Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapon (NLAW) missiles. The US-made weaponry, nicknamed “St. Javelin” by a Ukrainian meme, have proven susceptible against Russia’s most sophisticated tanks. He also stated that Russia does not produce a third-generation anti-tank weapon. “People appear to be stripping down to their underwear to convey this things to the Ukrainians.” The Ukrainian military already possessed weaponry from the Soviet period and, more recently, weapons made in the country. “Will the Russian troops be capable of doing so? Several Ukrainian recordings, including one from last week’s attempted drive into the Kyiv neighborhood of Brovary by dozens of Russian tanks and other armored vehicles, have gone viral on social media. Despite being less advanced than Javelins and NLAWs, they are nonetheless capable of defeating most other armored vehicles.” When it comes to assaulting cities, it’s not just about dropping bombs; you also need soldiers to march in while the defenders are still stunned. According to Felgenhauer, nearly all of the Russian generals presently in Ukraine fought in Syria, where Russian forces have been fighting since 2015 and have faced comparable challenges. Following Russian airstrikes on cities like Aleppo and Homs, the Syrian regime’s army would fail to respond, resulting in a two-year campaign of inconclusive sieges.

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