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Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine “Tramples” The UN Charter, Says The PM Of Japan

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Fumio Kishida, the prime minister of Japan, expressed dissatisfaction with the UN Security Council’s lack of action in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and called for changes to the UN that would enable it to effectively safeguard world peace and order. The UN charter’s tenets and ideals are being violated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to the UN. It should never be tolerated,” Kishida said in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) at its annual session in New York City, calling for the change of a system that grants five states, including Russia, a veto in the Security Council.

Since 2004, Japan has advocated a reform plan alongside Germany, India, and Brazil. Japan has long campaigned to change the UN Security Council, claiming that it was created by the World War II winners and does not reflect the reality of world society. Beginning in January, Japan will hold a position as a non-permanent member of the Security Council. As a native of Hiroshima, the first city to ever be struck by an atomic bomb, Kishida also expressed disappointment over the failure of negotiators to reach a deal on the UN’s Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which is regarded as the cornerstone of nuclear disarmament, last month after Moscow blocked the final draught. Additionally, he denounced Russia’s nuclear threat.

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