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Russian Soldier in Tears as Ukrainians Offer Him Food and Tea and Assist Him in Calling His Mother

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            After a week of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, claims have surfaced that Russian soldiers are destroying their own vehicles and surrendering.

According to radio tapes received by a British intelligence outfit, several Russian soldiers were sobbing and moaning about a shortage of supplies.

Unverified footage of a Russian army breaking down in tears after purportedly surrendering is going popular on Twitter, with over a million views. The kidnapped soldier, who is dressed warmly, can be seen in the footage sipping hot tea and eating a pastry. He’s surrounded by a group of Ukrainians, one of them is clutching a phone.

Overwhelmed, the Russian soldier remained silent as he struggled to keep his emotions under control. During the video conversation, he basically ate and drank tea while crying, and then gave his mother a flying kiss.

According to a translation, an off-camera speaker can be heard stating in Ukrainian that the soldiers “don’t know why they are here”. ‘It’s not their fault, these young lads’, the man is heard saying in Ukrainian.

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