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Russia will launch a series of offensives, according to a Russian analyst

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            Dr Jack Watling, research fellow for land warfare at the Royal United Services Institute in London, gives us an outline of what military analysts believe is going on in the Ukraine campaign, as well as the significance of the phrase being used about the Russian force approaching “culmination point”.

He claims that the Russians would try to isolate each goal in turn, starving out one city before moving on to the next. They’re starting to dig positions around Kyiv, becoming firm around Kharkiv, and Mariupol is the major focus right now. If Mariupol falls, they will be able to redirect their major attention elsewhere. “So, I believe we’ll see a lot more sequential campaign from the Russians”. So, what we’re witnessing now is a change from the Russians funding several axes of progress into Ukraine to now needing to concentrate that resource on one axis at a time. And, while they have a lot of supplies with them, they can keep moving forward, but there comes a moment where you have to wait for the supplies to arrive.

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