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Russia Ukraine War Updates: The evacuation corridors in Mariupol are ‘in the hands of the occupants,’ according to the mayor, who has ordered everyone to leave.

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Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol “continue to sustain circular defense,” according to the Ukrainian general staff. Vadym Boichenko, Mayor of Kyiv: Today, we are in the hands of the invaders. And it’s rather terrifying. Russian military, according to Ukrainian officials, have blocked aid convoys from entering or leaving the city. “Unfortunately, we are currently in the hands of occupiers.” Ukrainian officials published statistics on Sunday that provide a bleak picture of what has happened in Mariupol after weeks of bombardment and urban battle. According to the report, 90 percent of the city’s residential structures were destroyed. Sixty percent were directly affected, and forty percent were destroyed. According to official estimates, up to 140,000 people fled the city before it was encircled, with another 150,000 escaping during the siege. According to Ukrainian officials, 30,000 people were deported to Russia.

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