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Russia – Ukraine war Updates: High stakes as Western leaders band together

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            On Thursday, US President Joe Biden will join other Western leaders in Brussels for three summits on Russia’s assault in Ukraine, one month after the invasion began.

The amount of Europe’s readiness to act militarily in the fight will certainly come up for discussion.

NATO leaders have already dispatched hundreds more troops to the alliance’s eastern flank, as well as more air defence batteries, cruisers, and planes, in an effort to shore up its own defences.

However, not everyone has agreed to contribute firearms.

The alliance has also stated that it will not become more actively involved, and Mr Zelensky’s repeated calls for a no-fly zone above Ukraine have been dismissed.

NATO has yet to determine how it would respond if Russia drastically escalates the crisis in Ukraine, such as an attack on a Western supply convoy and the deployment of chemical or even tactical nuclear weapons.

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