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Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine’s President claims his country has been “left alone” to battle Moscow; 137 people have been murdered so far

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            President Zelenskyy urges mass mobilisation in Russia-Ukraine war, claiming 137 Ukrainians have been slain so far

So far, 137 civilians and military people have been murdered in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s invasion, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In a video speech published early Friday, he named them “heroes” and claimed hundreds more had been injured.

In response to Russia’s military intervention, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy issued a decree ordering general mobilisation on Thursday. He stated that it will be completed within 90 days.

According to Zelenskyy, despite Russia’s assertion that it is solely striking military objectives, civilian locations have also been targeted. In his own words: “People are being killed, and peaceful cities are being turned into military targets. It’s heinous, and it will never be forgiven”.

On Thursday, all border guards on Zmiinyi island in the Odesa area were assassinated, according to the president. The island was occupied by the Russians earlier in the day, according to Ukraine’s border guard agency.

Furthermore, in a speech to the public on the situation in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden denounced Russia for starting the military assault on Thursday and declared “additional harsh penalties and constraints” on Russia.

The sanctions include restricting Russia’s capacity to conduct business in dollars, euros, pounds, and yen in order to participate in the global economy, preventing Russia from financing and expanding its military, and damaging Russia’s ability to compete in a high-tech 21st-century economy.

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