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Russia-Ukraine War Putin’s Nuclear Submarine Test Fires Bulava Ballistic Missile l Warning To NATO

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Due to #Russian strikes on its energy infrastructure, Ukraine claimed it was compelled to impose electrical rationing throughout the entire nation. Another crucial utility has been disrupted, according to Ukraine, as a result of Russian attacks on the nation. While everything is going on, Denis Pushilin, the commander of the pro-Russian separatists, declared that 107 fighters who have been detained will be turned over by both Moscow and Kyiv. According to a Russian-installed official in Kherson, Russia’s military will probably leave the western bank of the Dnipro river. Ukraine alleges that its Zaporizhzhia nuclear power facility has been cut off from the electrical grid once more.

According to the government-owned energy company of Ukraine, Russia intends to link its nuclear facility to its electrical system. A supporter of Putin, Nikolai Patrushev, claimed that Russia had stopped the Ukrainians from attacking the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station. Russian special forces, according to Patrushev, stopped what he described as a “terrorist attack” on the factory. The Ukrainian people will be less affected by the upcoming winter, according to the Swiss Federal Council, which “approved an action plan.” According to Zelensky, Ukraine won’t participate in the G20 summit in Indonesia if Russia goes. According to Ukrainian officials, seven ships delivering food left Ukrainian ports after the Black Sea agreement was revived.

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