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Russia Ukraine war News live updates: ‘Welcome to Germany’: The major railway station in Berlin transforms into a refugee camp for Ukrainians.

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Every other hour, a train carrying Ukrainian migrants from Poland arrives at Berlin’s major train station. Loudspeakers blaring in Ukrainian and English welcome them home as they stream off of the trains. Since Russia struck Ukraine three weeks ago, more than 3 million people have fled the nation. Officially, there are 160,000 Ukrainian refugees in Germany, but the figure is likely to be far higher. So far, almost 100,000 tickets have been distributed.

An complete refugee village springs up there, with volunteers handing people food and warming beverages. There is no loud laughing or talk, and the mood is disturbingly calm and solemn. Only the escalators’ hum and the screeching sound of brake trains approaching the station can be heard. The exiles return home to fight the Russian invasion of their homeland. They are transported by bus to the city’s new airport or a conference facility on the outskirts.

The volunteers had formed a queue inside the station, holding placards indicating the number of migrants they could accommodate in their own houses. Authorities have issued a warning to refugees not to accept private accommodation offers after reports of individuals posing as shelter providers and then exploiting women. A continual fleet of buses waits to transport the migrants to Berlin’s new BER airport’s terminal 5, the city’s former Tegel airport, or a conference centre on the outskirts.

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