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Russia-Ukraine War LIVE Updates: Ukraine and Russia’s Foreign Ministers will meet in Turkey on March 10th

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            According to the source Ukraine’s and Russia’s foreign ministers will meet in Turkey on March 10. Today marks the 13th day of the conflict.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reached its 13th day, with Ukrainian officials reporting intensified bombardment of surrounded cities and another unsuccessful attempt to begin evacuating hundreds of thousands of residents from besieged areas.

On Monday, Russia declared yet another ceasefire and humanitarian corridors to allow people to evacuate Ukraine, but President Zelenskyy warned that instead of a humanitarian corridor deal, Ukraine received Russian tanks, Russian Grad missiles, and Russian mines. Two prior cease-fire attempts were unsuccessful, and Russian soldiers continue to bombard cities with rockets. Before the third session of discussions between the two nations, Zelenskyy has called for a global boycott of all Russian products, including oil, and urged his people to continue resisting. Over 1.7 million people have fled Ukraine, while over 20,000 volunteers from 52 nations have pledged to fight in Ukraine’s new international legion.

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