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Russia Ukraine War Live Updates: Russia rejects a World Court order to stop the invasion of Ukraine.

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A day after judges in The Hague delivered their decision, the Kremlin rejected an order by the UN’s top court for Russia to halt its military incursion in Ukraine.
“We cannot take this judgement into consideration,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, adding that the judgement has to be agreed upon by both Russia and Ukraine.

“In this circumstance, no consent can be gained,” Peskov stated.

The International Court of Justice of the United Nations decided on Wednesday that Moscow must “immediately halt military activities on Ukrainian territory that it began on February 24.”

Days after President Vladimir Putin started his military operation, Kyiv took Moscow to the UN’s top court. According to Peskov, Moscow’s delegation in negotiations with Kyiv to cease the violence is “showing considerably better eagerness to compromise than our colleagues.”

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