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Russia – Ukraine war live updates: Fate of Russia will be decide in coming days.

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Russia’s foreign intelligence chief has stated that the country’s fate would be decided in the coming days. The SVR’s chief, Sergei Naryshkin, told a panel discussion in Moscow that Russia is “today facing a genuinely historic period.”

“Russia’s fate, its role in the world, is being decided,” Naryshkin added.

The spy chief’s address emphasised the significance of sovereignty, telling delegates that “sovereignty is a guarantee of the well-being and dignity of our population, and this is the future of our children.”

“In such things, Russia has never backed down and will never back down, because else it would cease to be Russia. “Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin humiliated Naryshkin on public television during a well prepared national security conference. Putin pressed the former KGB officer, who appeared to fluff his lines when asked to endorse the recognition of breakaway territories in Ukraine.

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