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Russia Ukraine War live updates: Biden will present a $800 million security aid package for Ukraine

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Later, US President Joe Biden is scheduled to announce an additional $800 million (£612 million) in security aid to Ukraine. The action comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky prepares to address the US Congress today. The package of measures is anticipated to include anti-tank missiles as well as an effort to replenish Ukraine’s stock of Western anti-armor missiles, including as Javelin and Stinger launchers, which Kyiv’s military have deployed to great effect. Some US media sites have also stated that the White House is contemplating supplying the Ukrainian military with single-purpose drones known as Switchblades, which may be used to attack Russian armor and personnel. In the last week, the Biden administration has decided to contribute more than $1 billion (£766 million) to Ukraine.

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