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Russia Ukraine War Live Updates: As Russian supply is disrupted, India increases its imports of fertilizer from Canada and Israel.

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Following the interruption of shipments caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, India is increasing fertilizer imports from countries such as Canada and Israel to secure enough supply for the upcoming summer planting season. For its massive agriculture industry, India is a key importer of fertilizers. India is a major importer of fertilizers for its massive agriculture industry, which employs around 60% of the workforce and contributes for 15% of the country’s $2.7 trillion GDP. Belarus, which is landlocked, exports through Russian and Lithuanian ports. ‘We need roughly 30 million tones of fertilizers, and procedures are in place,’ Mansukh Mandaviya, the minister of fertilizers, told Reuters. India also looks to Russia and Belarus for sophisticated fertilizers that supply many nutrients to crops. IPL is buying potash from Canadian and Israeli producers for $590 per tonne supplied with six months credit. According to the sources, Indian industries are expanding supply from Saudi Arabia and Morocco to assist make up for any missed nitrogen, phosphate, and potash supplies.

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