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Russia- Ukraine war live updates: 3 hospitals bombed in Ukraine

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The Pentagon calculated that only approximately one-third of pre-staged Russian combat units had entered Ukraine on the first day of the war, with the remaining two-thirds arriving in stages until virtually all were in this week. The Russian forces have made some progress, but it has been at a glacial pace.
On the fifteenth day of its war in Ukraine, Russia has accomplished less and struggled more than it had planned at the start of Europe’s largest land combat since World War II. As Russian forces extended their siege on Ukrainian towns, an airstrike on a maternity facility in the coastal city of Mariupol injured women ready to give birth and buried children in the rubble. Two hospitals in a city west of Kyiv were also bombed. At least 17 people were injured in the attack on a medical facility in Mariupol, according to Ukrainian officials.

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