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Russia-Ukraine war: India requests that individuals ‘not proceed to any border checkpoints without prior arrangement’

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          A girl holds a banner that reads in Spanish, “We are with Ukraine”, during a protest outside the Russian consulate in Buenos Aires protesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

On Friday, Russian forces launched an assault on Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, with explosions and gunshots ringing out as the invasion of a democratic country fuelled concerns of a larger conflict in Europe and prompted international attempts to put a halt to Moscow’s aggression.

With reports of hundreds of deaths from the fighting, including artillery that slashed through a Kyiv apartment complex and pummelling bridges and schools, there were rising indications that Vladimir Putin’s Russia may be attempting to destabilise Ukraine’s government. Meanwhile, Russia rejected a United Nations Security Council resolution urging that Russia immediately cease its invasion on Ukraine and evacuate all soldiers, while India, China, and the United Arab Emirates abstained. There were 11 votes in favour, one vote against, and three abstentions. India refrained from voting, claiming that the route of “diplomacy” had been abandoned. Meanwhile, to remove Indians stuck in Ukraine, Air India would fly three flights to Bucharest, Romania, and one flight to Budapest, Hungary, by Saturday.

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