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Russia-Ukraine conflicts: Russia said to help stranded Indian in Ukraine for rescue.

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New Delhi: The battle between Russia and Ukraine has been raging for the past seven days. However, the Indians in Ukraine are bearing the brunt of this conflict.

Many Indian students studying medicine in Ukraine have become trapped. India has started Operation Ganga in order to securely evacuate Indians. Indians stuck in Ukraine are also being rescued by the Indian Air Force.

The Ministry of External Affairs has approached a number of nations to arrange for the evacuation of Indians caught up in the Ukraine conflict. India has called the Russian embassy and demanded that Indians stuck in Ukraine be safely evacuated. Denis Alipov, Russia’s ambassador to India, verified the storey. “We’re attempting to save the trapped Indians on the Russian border,” Denis Alipov explained.

“We are India’s key partner,” Denis Alipov stated. We appreciate India’s balanced position in the United Nations. India is well aware of the issue.

Sanctions on a defence deal with India wont be unaffected. There is a supply issue with S-400 in India, but don’t expect any problems. There are methods to keep this arrangement going indefinitely. The Russian envoy stated that sanctions, both old and new, should not be used to meddle in any manner.

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