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Russia-Ukraine conflicts: Over 350,000 individuals have entered Poland from Ukraine in the previous five days as a result of the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

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Since Russia’s assault on Ukraine began, roughly 350,000 individuals have entered Poland, according to Poland’s deputy interior minister on Tuesday. Get the most up-to-date information on the Ukraine-Russia war by clicking here.

“Hundreds of thousands of migrants have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border in the last 24 hours,” Maciej remarked. “There have been 350,000 refugees in all since Thursday.”
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine began on Thursday morning. Not only did Russian military penetrate the Ukrainian border, but they also blasted densely inhabited regions. The Russian military is now attempting to take control of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, after capturing control of certain Ukrainian cities. The threat to Kyiv has grown as a result of this. Meanwhile, some satellite images have become available. There are 64 kilometers on Ukrainian highways. A large line of Russian soldiers may be seen. Russia appears to be taking an assertive attitude in satellite photographs. Russia is preparing a final massive assault on Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. Maxar Technology, an American satellite imaging business, released the images on Monday. Russian forces have been storming Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, for the last three days. The Ukrainian army, on the other hand, is willing to fight to the last end. As a result, boosting the number of Russian forces may lead to a big offensive. The convoy, according to sources, contains Russian troops, weaponry, and high-tech vehicles.

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