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Russia-Ukraine conflicts: India urges all people to leave Kharkiv “immediately and under any circumstances” during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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 All Indian citizens trapped in Kharkiv have been asked to leave the city immediately “for their safety and security,” according to the Indian Embassy in Ukraine. The Indian Embassy issued a critical warning, advising Indian citizens to travel to Pesochin, Babaye, and Bezlyudovka as soon as possible.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine tweeted the warning, saying, “All Indian nationals in Kharkiv should take immediate action. They must leave Kharkiv quickly for their own safety and security. As quickly as possible, travel to Pesochin, Babaye, and Bezlyudovka. They must reach these settlements by 1800 hours (Ukrainian time) today under any conditions “.

This comes as Russian soldiers continue their huge campaign against Ukraine, which has seen them capture multiple cities and destroy government facilities.

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