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Russia Ukraine conflict: Mriya, world’s largest aircraft destroyed by Russia

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            According to Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, Russia destroyed Mriya, the world’s biggest jet, in the midst of the attack.

Mriya is a Ukrainian word that meaning “dream”.

“Mriya (Dream), the world’s biggest plane, was a symbol of hope during the darkest days of COVID, transporting massive quantities of life-saving vaccine and personal protective equipment throughout the world. It is currently being demolished by Russian invaders in their war against Ukraine and the rest of the world”, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a tweet.

“Russia may have annihilated our ‘Mriya’. They will, however, never be able to demolish our vision of a robust, free, and democratic European state. We will triumph!”, Dmytro Kuleba sent a tweet.

Mriya was parked in a hangar at a Ukrainian air base at Hostomel. The airfield has been taken over by the Russian military.

The plane took flight for the first time in 1988. It was utilised to carry vast volumes of humanitarian assistance all across the world, especially when time was of the essence.

P.S. Mriya was 84 metres (276 feet) long and could transport up to 250 tonnes (551,000 pounds) of freight at 850 kilometres per hour (528 mph). Antonov Airlines of Ukraine flew the freight aircraft.

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