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Russia LIVE Updates on the Ukraine War: Ten people were killed in a shooting in the Ukrainian eastern city of Severodonetsk

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            Ukrainian soldiers move through Irpin, on the outskirts of Kyiv.

Corpses lie in Mariupol’s streets, starving people smash into businesses in quest of food, and snow melts for water. Thousands of people are huddled in cellars, frightened at the sound of Russian artillery hitting Ukrainian cities.

Nearly two weeks into the invasion, Russian forces have moved deep along Ukraine’s shoreline at Mariupol, potentially establishing a land bridge to Crimea, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014. Mariupol, on the Azov Sea, has been encircled by Russian troops for days.

Many people around the nation are depending on car radios for information, picking up news from stations aired from areas held by Russian military or rebels backed by Russia. Thousands of people, both civilians and troops, are believed to have been killed in over two weeks of warfare. Russian soldiers have had their advances stymied in certain regions, especially near Kyiv, the capital, where a massive armoured column has been delayed for days, by fiercer Ukrainian opposition than planned.

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