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Russia is attempting to recruit drivers who are familiar with Ukrainian roads

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            Truck drivers are needed to deliver fuel and other products, according to job postings on the internet. Some promise work near Ukraine’s borders with Russia and Belarus. However, Ukraine’s government claims that the job posts are tied to Russia’s military and are an attempt to attract local truck drivers who are familiar with the country’s highways.

According to an anti-propaganda organisation, there has been an increase in internet adverts for trucker positions in Ukraine since March 19. The National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine includes the Centre for Countering Disinformation. The agency cautions that anybody who applies may be kidnapped or coerced to commit crimes against their own nation. The commercials, according to the agency, are part of the Russian military’s attempt to re-energize its assault, which has been stymied by both Ukrainian resistance and poor logistical preparation.

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