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Russia Declares Exemptions From The Ukraine War Mobilization

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Russia has stated that it will exclude certain bankers, IT workers, and journalists from being recruited into the army to serve in Ukraine as part of President Vladimir Putin’s “partial mobilization,” as men ran across the border to evade conscription. On Wednesday, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated that Russia will attempt to call up 300,000 extra soldiers to boost its military presence in Ukraine.

On Friday, Russia’s defense ministry declared that some personnel in essential industries will be excused from the draught in order to “guarantee the operation of specific high-tech businesses, as well as Russia’s financial system.” Some IT workers, telecommunications workers, financial experts, and personnel at “systemically significant” mass media outlets and interdependent suppliers, including registered media and broadcasters, are exempt. Russia considers significant employers and key enterprises in specific industries to be “systemically important” if they satisfy specified headcount, income, or yearly tax payments standards.

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