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Robo Arm Makes Better French Fries, Onion Rings Than Human

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Day by day, technology is replacing human labor in all fields, including food preparation. According to recent reports, a southern California company has created a high-tech robotic arm that can produce French fries and onion rings as well as humans. Miso, the company that created the robotic arm, will take the frozen fries out of the freezer, fry them, and then pour them into a tray with sauce under the control of cameras and artificial intelligence.

Isn’t that amazing? According to Miso’s Chief Executive Officer Mike Bell, “When an order comes in through the restaurant system, it automatically spits out the instructions to Floppy,” when an order is placed. It does it quicker, more accurately, more consistently, and happier than most humans do it, he continued.

The business claimed that it took five years to develop “Flippy2.” Flappy is where the name “Flippy 2” comes from. Miso previously created a device to assist with flipping hamburgers. The business realized it needed a helping hand at the fry station after the machine was designed. Thus, “Flippy” as a concept was born.

The chief executive went on to say that three companies currently own Flippy 2 but have chosen not to publicize it out of respect for those who fear losing their jobs to robots. Despite being useful, the company claimed that after people use Flippy 2 to take pictures and videos, people stop paying much attention.

However, Mike predicted that there will come a time when you’ll enter a restaurant, see a robot working there, and recall a time when people used to work. These times will soon arrive.

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