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Roadside Bomb In Thailand Kills A Police Officer And Injures Three Others

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When a roadside bomb exploded as their trucks went by a hospital in southern Thailand, one Thai policeman was killed and four others were injured, according to police. In front of a hospital in Mai Kaen town, Pattani province, on Tuesday night, a police patrol truck and motorcycle were traveling together when both were struck by the blast, according to police captain Wasuwat Kongtuk.

The police truck veered off the road and into an electrical pole as a result of the explosion, which also killed an officer riding a motorbike. Three police officers in the truck were taken urgently to the hospital for care. The explosive, according to the police, was remotely detonated after being hidden in a trash can in front of the hospital. On Wednesday, television images revealed that the Mai Kaen hospital’s exterior had been damaged and that the opposite-facing Mai Kaen Kittiwit school had been hit by shrapnel. The decision was made to end classes for the day. Officers from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team surrounded the location with tape and searched the neighboring streets for proof.

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