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RIP Pele: ‘The Most Divine Of Footballers And Joyous Of Men’ 

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The Brazilian soccer star Pele passed away from cancer at 82, and his funeral will be held on January 2 and 3 in the same stadium where he played some of his best games. According to a statement from Santos, Pele’s former team in Brazil, the public will be allowed to pay their last respects at Vila Belmiro Stadium outside of Sao Paulo.

According to Santos, the coffin carrying the three-time World Cup champion would leave Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital early Monday and be positioned on the field’s center circle. According to the hospital, he passed away as a result of numerous organ failures brought on by the development of colon cancer.

Pele’s casket will be taken through the Santos streets and stop in front of his mother, Celeste’s house, who is 100 years old. According to recent allegations in Brazilian media, Pele’s mother is unconscious and unable to leave her bed.

The burial will be held in Santos Memorial Necropole Ecumenical, a vertical graveyard. We will invite family. In Santos, where he spent most of his life, Pele maintains a residence. In the city of Guaruja, he lived out his final years.

In September 2021, Pele had a colon tumor removed. Whether the disease had spread to other organs has not been disclosed by either his family or the hospital. On November 29, he revisited the Albert Einstein medical center, this time with COVID-19 and a respiratory infection.

His cancer had advanced, the hospital declared in a statement last week. Pele has 77 goals and is one of the Brazilian team’s all-time best scorers. He guided Brazil to World Cup victories in 1958, 1962, and 1970. During the World Cup in Qatar this year, Neymar tied Pele’s record.

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