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Review Of The Movie Naane Varuven

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Naane Varuven

Naane Varuven

Mani Ratnam’s potent Ponniyin Selvan: Part 1 and director Selvaraghavan and Dhanush’s Naane Varuven are competing at the box office (which is releasing on September 30). Naturally, the latter took up the majority of the screens in Tamil Nadu, leaving only a little portion for Naane Varuven. That is to say, Naane Varuven’s solo album was just released today, September 29. It was unexpected to see neither Selvaraghavan nor Dhanush promoting the movie that is satirising Ponniyin Selvan. 

Kathir and Prabhu, who are identical twins, are portrayed by Dhanush. Kathir is the villain, and Prabhu is the nice guy. Because of how wicked he is, his mother chooses to leave Kathir at a shrine after consulting an astrologer’s forecast. We see Prabhu 20 years later living a contented life with his wife (Indhuja) and daughter Sathya.

However, strange occurrences sabotage their blissful existence. As Sathya converses with her “imaginary buddy,” Sonu, she becomes possessed. What is Sonu seeking? What is going on with Kathir, Prabhu’s twin? What connections do their lives have? All of these topics are attempted to be explored in Selvaraghavan’s Naane Varuven.

The greatest tribute to Naane Varuven is to see the movie without having any prior knowledge of it. That’s when Naane Varuven’s most pleasant surprises you. We now understand Selvaraghavan and Dhanush’s reasoning for not promoting Naane Varuven. Selvaraghavan surprises us by incorporating some amazing horror aspects into what we would assume to be a psychological thriller. Selvaraghavan’s name is all throughout the first part of Naane Varuven. We perceive his peculiarities and identifying characteristics, which are remarkable and unassuming.

But it’s easy to be let down when Naane Varuven’s second half features a major surprise. It appears that the two halves of the movie were written independently. The movie’s second half follows a formulaic plot line, and the conclusion is poorly executed. In the second part, Naane Varuven enjoys a free fall and carries the audience along with him. There are tired concepts, poor execution, and a nonsensical, but inadvertently humorous, conclusion.

Dhanush (in his two roles) is the one who puts up the most effort to salvage this capsized ship. With his superb acting, Dhanush is able to clearly distinguish between the two personas, Prabhu and Kathir. As the devoted wife, Indhuja Ravichandran has little to do but be envious of the father-daughter connection. In her appearance, Elli AvrRam gave a polished performance. In comparison to the female leads, Hiya Davey, Pranav, and Prabhav have stronger parts, and their performances are adequate.

The second-best thing in Naane Varuven, after Dhanush, is Yuvan Shankar Raja’s superb score. You instinctively root for the villain as Dhanush’s Kathir enters the “Veera Soora” theme song. The images of cinematographer Om Prakash contribute to the script’s spooky atmosphere. In Naane Varuven, Dhanush investigates the psychological horror subgenre. Sadly, due to its slow second half, it is a squandered chance.

Naane Varuven

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