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Researchers Uncover 92 Fossil Nests Belonging To Some Of India’s Largest Dinosaurs

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The finding of more than 250 fossilized eggs produces confidential details about the lives of titanosaurs in the Indian subcontinent, according to a study published January 18, 2022, in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Harsha Dhiman of the University of Delhi, New Delhi, and coworkers.

Elements of dinosaur reproductive habits can be challenging to determine. These fossil nests provide a wealth of data about some of the enormous dinosaurs in the past, and they come from a time shortly before the age of dinosaurs came to an end. The insights gleaned from this study donate significantly to paleontologists’ learning of how dinosaurs lived and developed.

Harsha Dhiman, the lead author of the research, adds: “Our research has revealed the presence of an extensive hatchery of titanosaur sauropod dinosaurs in the study area and offers new insights into the conditions of nest preservation and reproductive strategies of titanosaur sauropod dinosaurs just before they went extinct.”

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