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Researchers Have Reached The Tallest Tree In The Amazon, Angelim Vermelho

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In 2019, a group of #Brazilian and British researchers was truly interested in learning more about the tallest tree in the #Amazon Rainforest. As part of a 3D mapping project, they discovered the gigantic tree in satellite pictures. The team’s goal has been to physically approach the huge tree ever since. Because the enormous tree was tucked away in a challenging and deep forest, it required three years of planning, five expeditions, and a two-week hike to reach it. On September 17 of this year, scientists were finally able to approach the Amazon giant.

According to scientists, the tree is the tallest ever found in the Amazon, measuring 88.5 meters (290 feet) in height and 9.9 meters (32 feet) in diameter. The Dinizia excelsa tree, also known as the Angelim-Vermelho, is as tall as a 30-story building.

Research on the big tree was carried out to map the species with the help of many Brazilian institutions and partners. The oldest tree ever discovered is thought to be close to 400 years old, however further study is needed to prove this. In addition to maintaining an eye on huge trees, scientists also attempt to understand the fundamental ecological processes that result in their unique characteristics.

The Iratapuru reserve is being invaded by illegal gold miners notorious for causing ecological havoc, according to Jakeline Pereira of the environmental organization Amazon, which helped organize the mission. Loggers cherish the timber from the Angelim Vermelho.

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